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Today we have the lovely Louise from Stars in Jars filling in! I actually just discovered her blog a couple of months ago, but I fell fast for her little space. She has such great style, and I love the DIYs she posts! I also love getting peeks into her life in Korea; so interesting!

Hey pals of our lovely Sondra!
My name is Lou and I blog over at Stars in Jars.
Sondra has very kindly invited me to stand in for her today while she is off experiencing the beauty and wonder of magical India. I'm so jealous!
If you are not familiar with my blog I will tell you that I work as an English teacher in South Korea and in South Korea there is only one thing I love better than their stationary.
And that, friends, is Korean cosmetics.
There is a Japanese word which perfectly describes Asian make-up... kawaii, meaning 'cute'.
If you, like I, are a marketing agents dream and get sold on packaging 90% of the time then you will love my round-up of my favorite kawaii-cute Korean cosmetics.
Not only is the packaging adorable, but Korean make-up is extremely cheap and very high quality so it stands up well to the high end brands such as MAC or Bobbi Brown which are crazy expensive out here.

1. The Face Shop// Coral Cushion Blusher
I'm obsessed with this soft apricot color for a nice pop on my cheeks.

2. Etude House & The Face Shop// Hand Cream & Coral Cheek Stick
Seriously, can packaging get any cuter than this?
I have a mild obsession with Matryoshka dolls so I scooped up this mama as soon as I saw her!

3. Etude House// Mini Jam Jam Hand Gel, Collagen Eye Patches & Gingko Lip Patch
These eye and lip patches cost around a buck each and they are so soothing after a hot shower.

4. Skin Food & Too Cool For School// BB Cream, Pearl Bay Primer & Dinoplatz Mascara
BB Cream has finally made it's way Westwards but initially it was a Korean phenomenon~ it works as a primer, moisturizer, SPF and tint. I love using it every day as a base for my make up.
Too Cool For School have an amazing range of dinosaur packaged products.
Too cool for school indeed!

Thank you, Louise, this was awesome! I am SUCH a sucker for packaging -- it gets me every time. I can't believe you can get that stuff there!!!! I'm super jealous. Maybe we'll have to have a package exchange sometime? ;)

Also, as you read this, I will be flying back to the States! Regularly scheduled programming should resume soon, including (probably way too many) recaps of my adventures. I can't wait to share them with you all!

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  1. cute stuff!! hope you have a safe trip home!

  2. Louise Gillanders3/18/13, 12:47 AM

    Thank you for the lovely introduction Sondra! I loved putting this post together for you! I hope you've had a wonderful adventure....and I'd love to do a package swap with you! Just mail me your address to tremblingstarz {at} gmail {dot} com xxxx

  3. Oh my gosh, mascara with DINOSAURS on?! Where have you been all my life?!