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A few days ago, we took a little snowshoeing trip to a hot spring in the woods. I LOVE natural hot springs. They are the most magical, soothing places on Earth. Well, as far as I can tell at least. Andy and I have sought out many over the last few years, and I'd say this is in the top 5 best we've been to.
It was about a two mile snowshoe trek to get to this one, which happened to be on private land. We got permission from the owners to visit, and we set off. Except...we went about 40 minutes in the wrong direction. Oops. So that part kinda sucked, since by the time we actually were at the trailhead, we had already been snowshoeing for an hour and 20 minutes and I was starting to get tired. But after a sufficient amount of grumbling and complaining, I kept going for a couple more hours. This was the view when we finally came across our magical natural hot tub.
Clearly it was worth it. The hot water felt sooooo amazing. I didn't even think any of these pictures would turn out because it was so steamy! Apparently this particular spring is high in natural lithium...maybe that made it extra relaxing?
I could have stayed there for a lot longer, taking breaks to cool off and then hop back in, but since we had a late start we had to head back after an hour or so so we didn't get caught in the dark. On the way home we treated ourselves to a bag of Doritos for all of our hard snowshoeing work. Cuz that's how we roll. :)

Have you ever been to a natural hot spring?

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  1. Yes! Amazing!!!! The Blue Lagoon in Iceland was amazing! Now I'm jealous. I could use a good soak.

  2. that looks incredible. i've never been to a hot spring, but i would love to go some day.

    xoxo, Oleah

  3. What an awesome experience, I totally would love to do that!

    <3 Megan

  4. Wow Sondra this is amazing!! The view is breathtaking and I bet it felt amazing! During winter too, how cool. I've been to some natural hot springs in Spanish Fork, Utah. We went there one summer night, it was so awesome to see the stars light up the sky!


  5. abhaya_sondra3/3/13, 9:58 PM

    that sounds awesome, I love hot springs at night! so magical.

  6. awww I really want to go to a hot spring spot! Since we just moved to the mountains I feel like it's a must!

  7. This looks so amazing!! I love sitting in hot tubs with snow around but this would be even better. I can't believe this is on private property! Beautiful pics.