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Yeah, yeah, you're in the wilderness  you don't technically need to do anything but go au naturale. But honestly, it's a lot nicer to minimize the stink, the greasies, and to wear something that performs well and you feel good in.

Here are a few tips and products that I've found useful //

> Makeup remover wipes. At the end of a long day outside, there is simply no more gratifying of a feeling that using a makeup remover to clean your face. Even if you're not wearing makeup, it'll take off the dirt, sweat, and grease that have accumulated. Also, hanging around a campfire leaves a film of soot over your skin; these will clean it right off. I've used tons of brands, and I like the good old generic Target ones best.

> Baby wipes. These are good for the rest of you. Even when you can't bathe properly, you can at least use a couple of these to wipe off your arms and armpits, legs, and the back of your neck.

> Deodorant. Well, yeah. But in particular, this powdered version from Lush is amazing. I have never found a natural deodorant that I liked that didn't leave me stinky at the end of the day, and this one works. It has charcoal in it to actually absorb odors, and it has a pleasant, herbal smell that I like. Plus, you can sprinkle some in your shoes or anywhere else that's getting stinky and sweaty. It's a little spendy for a deodorant, but I've been using my bottle for several weeks now and haven't put a dent in it.

> Dry Shampoo. I have had bangs since my hair was long enough to cut, and to me, there is no faster way to feel dirty than to have greasy bangs. This is by far my biggest motivator for bathing on a regular basis. But ever since dry shampoos have become a thing, I can easily stretch out the time between washings by a day or two. I've used versions from Batiste, Ojon, Tresemme, and L'Oreal, and honestly, the one that works best for me is the cheapest, from Suave.

Okay, so now you're relatively not-stinky and your hair is clean-ish. What to put on top?

These are tried and tested by yours truly, and I can say they work well while maintaining a bit of style. Numbers one and four come from Target, who have really stepped up their game workout-apparel wise lately. I guess it makes sense, since workout and yoga-style gear has become pretty fashionable for everyday wear as well. This top is AWESOME; it has thumb holes (which I am so glad have come back into trend again, because I LOVE them), a zip pocket along the small of the back, and mesh panels so it breathes well. The skirt is great, too, because it cinches up the sides so you can change the length, has shorties underneath, and can be worn alone or over leggings (I'm wearing it in the top pic over leggings). Very versatile. LOVES IT.

This dress by Merrell is stellar as well. It has really good built-in support, and is made of a super thick, wicking material which has a UPF rating of 50+. The unique back makes it easy to take this one from the campsite to out on the town.

The hair ties are for...just because. Why not take these instead of boring old black elastics? They aren't any less functional, and they're pretty to boot (although I recommend DIYing these - why are they so expensive at stores???).

There you have it!  A few of my favorite tips for feeling and looking good on the trail. Any tips or products you'd like to share with me? I always love a new idea!

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  1. im going to have to get you using my deodorants - im in the packaging phase right now, saving up for labels (mad expensive) but once i get them up- leave lush behind and come on over to the hive!

  2. dah, I always love your tip posts; you have such great advice!

  3. abhaya_sondra7/13/13, 5:38 PM

    I CANNOT wait to try yours out! I'll have to try and sweat extra to use up what I've got so I can get yours as soon as you've got 'em!