4 Simple Goals >> Before 2013

Like most other red blooded blogger-crafty-thrifty-vintage'y-domestic'y-type-ladies (yeah, I made [some of] those words up. Benefit of having your own blog!), I am a dutiful reader of Elsie and Emma's A Beautiful Mess. They did a post recently about having 4 simple goals for the remainder of the year, to help stay motivated in your own personal goals while things get busy with the holidays and whatnot. I loved this!

I've recently been feeling a little need for some motivation lately, so I loved this and thought I'd give it a shot. The best part about blogging about it, is that hopefully it will help keep me accountable!

 Here are my goals:

1>  Do at least 7 days of a Fall cleanse. I still haven't determined how exactly I want to go about this, but I am determined to try it and see what kind of difference(s) I notice in myself, mentally and physically. 

2>  Take at least one picture everyday. I love Instagram. Duh, pretty much everyone does, right? But I have been having the best time just documenting the little everyday moments of my life. It is SO much fun to look back on later - all those moments that might not seem "picture worthy," but are actually the stuff of everyday life. My problem is, I'll remember to take pictures one day, and then totally forget for a week, and then go picture crazy another day. I like the challenge of looking at my everyday routine in a new way, and capturing the minutiae. 

3>  Get a separate website for yoga teaching/business up and running. My goal is to work on attracting a clientele to teach to privately. The first step of this is to develop a website to direct clients to with info, rates, and all that jazz. My BIG goal is to someday be my own boss, and be able to support myself with teaching gigs and other odd jobs. The reasons and ideas for this are many, and perhaps I will detail them more in another post. 

4>  Go on one multi-day adventure to the mountains. Since I am not yet my own boss, I am subject to the demands of an actual boss, which makes it a bit harder to take off for big trips like I've been able to do in the past. I am hoping to be able to work at least one trip into the calendar before the end of the year (I'm thinking Veteran's Day might be a prime time!)

So those are my goals! If you participate in this, let me know in the comments and I'd love to see what your four goals are. Ooh, and if you link up with the original post on A Beautiful Mess, you could possibly be featured over in their neck of the woods. They also suggest rewarding yourself for crossing a goal off of your list...but honestly, I'd just be so excited to complete any and all of these things that that seems like reward enough. Awwwww....okay, you twisted my arm, pedicures all around. :)

See you later, peeps.

Oh, and pics above are by me, in case you were wondering.

shanti >> sondra



  1. hey sondra- i did see the post they did about this and was thinking about putting one together myself. i've always been a list person (they are littered around my home) so be on the look out for mine coming soon too! maybe we can try and keep one another on track to complete them!

    i love your website idea and think its a great goal. all businesses have to start somewhere and my motto, "you never know unless you try" is at the heart of everything i do. i wish you so much luck and success!


  2. awesome, yeah, let's definitely celebrate our accomplishments and keep each other in check on this! I'll keep an eye out for your post! :)