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I'm behind a couple of days for posting my daily photos, but have no fear, I've kept up and taken them each day. So far, this is one simple goal that I am loving to keep. Knowing that I said I would post them everyday is really getting me to remember to snap daily pics, even if they're "just" with my phone. 

Actually, I hate when people apologize for phone pictures. What's wrong with a phone picture? If you like looking at an image, it doesn't matter how you made it. I love things that are created simply. If you can take a great looking photo with your phone, that's awesome. You can take terrible pictures with a DSLR just as well as you can take an amazing picture with your phone. I love my DSLR, and yes, it takes lovely pictures, but it doesn't fit in my pocket and I generally do not have it with me for the everyday moments that I love to capture. It's just not practical to carry around, and that's where the phone shines; it's just a trade off. So, don't apologize, and use what you've got! :)  I'll get off my soapbox now.

 Yesterday, on a hike to usher in the Autumnal Equinox >
Left, from today, is Mitz in a basket. Awwww. Right, smoke from the BBQ heating up outside on my way in to work on Friday.
Oh, and if you follow me on Instagram (@instasondra if you don't but would like to), and feel like these posts overlap a lot with those...well, yeah. Ever since I realized that I can selectively post pics on Instagram, I've only been sharing my favorites from each day -- which of course are usually the same ones I post here. C'est la vie. :)

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  1. Felicia Melendez9/24/12, 8:35 AM

    The photo of the trees is gorgeous!

  2. Wow, beautiful photos!