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I used to think that I was city girl. I grew up in the suburbs, and all I ever wanted to do growing up was to live in the actual city. So, as soon as I graduated from high school, that was exactly what I did. I lived in the city for many years, and I loved it. I was home.

When it came time to move to California, I said no way would I live in the college town where my husband had gotten a job. It would be too small, too limited. So we moved to the city, and he commuted. I got a job in San Francisco, and thought I was set.

Except...I hated it. I hated the crush of the people, the lines for everything, the grime and dinge. Slowly, my favorite times started to become the weekends that we escaped the city, when we went to the mountains to play in the snow or drive through the golden fields of the Central Valley. Eventually, we took an opportunity to move, and spent our last year in California back in that small college town that I thought I couldn't possibly lived in. And it was the happiest year I can remember.

And so here we are. In the city again. We are here because that was where the job was, so the decision was made for us. And I LOVE Seattle. I really do. It is not like living in the Bay at all. But the thoughts still remain about whether I am city mouse or a country mouse. I daydream about wide open places and cabins in the woods that I peruse on Pinterest. But I also love that I can work at an amazing theater and can walk around the corner to a fabulous cafe, where I can sit and read and look out the windows at the passersby.

I know that we will not live here forever. That much is certain and already determined by the finite nature of my husband's job. But again, circumstances that are mostly not in my control will dictate where the wind blows us next. I just hope the wind knows what it is doing.

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Yesterday was a good day for pictures. Mostly because we had houseguests, which meant we got to play tourist. We walked from my work down to Pike Place and back, and these were some of my favorite things that I saw.
foggy morning | fish at the market | chihuly glass | construction site bunting

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  1. Felicia Melendez9/21/12, 12:03 PM

    Nice! My boyfriends grandparents live on Bainbridge Island right across from Seattle, we visited them a couple years ago. It was so fun to take the ferry from their home to Seattle and explore the city! I could never live in the city though, its a fun place to visit, but I need my space. I also need nature near me. I'm glad you are loving it! Seattle is a fun city, I heard the music scene is pretty big too, so that is fun :)

  2. So cool you've lived in so many different places! I totally feel you on this- part of me wants to live in a bustling city where I take public transportation everywhere and part of me loves having space, privacy, and a washer and dryer at my house :)