Move It >> Or Lose It

Hi everyone. I know it's been quiet here the last week or so, but our move is COMPLETE. Well, except for some Ikea furniture building that is currently taking place (with the help of a glass of wine for me, and a bottle of beer for the guy) and some stray unpacking and picture hanging. This last week has been STRESSFUL - eek! - but I'm glad that it's all over. So far Seattle seems awesome...and it doesn't hurt that the weather has been beautiful since we got here. I was told twice today to not get used to it though. ;)

I start my new job tomorrow already, so it'll probably be a few more days until I get back into the swing of things blogging-wise and find the new balance of my time with going back to work and continuing to post regularly. I was finally able to take a yoga class today (my first in almost two weeks, the longest I've gone in over a year without practicing!), and it felt so good to be back on the mat. My mind and body both feel creaky and overwhelmed right now, so it was good to have a bit of centering, if only for 75 minutes. I have lots more I'd like to say and update with, but there is a floor full of screws and weird plastic pieces that need to be put together.

In the meantime, enjoy one of the new pictures from my Holga film that I picked up right before we moved. This here is a picture from the Brooklyn Bridge that I took as we walked across, over two years ago now. Yeah, I'm slow at getting film developed.

Be back in a few days...!

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  1. Wow! Gorgeous photo! Congrats on the move, and sorry about all the stress - hope it clears up soon! Found your blog via Pixie Mama, btw.

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  2. Nicole @ TreasureTromp9/6/12, 9:49 PM

    beautiful photography!

  3. Thanks! I have a bunch more pics from this set that I really love. I can't wait to share more of them!

  4. Thanks. I love your blog btw, your photos are pretty great yourself! :)