Summer's End >> I'll Bring the Binoculars

First daily photo post. Well, second if you count this morning's catch-up post. These were some leaves as I was waiting for my handsome chauffeur to pick me up at the end of the day. Everybody has their "things" that they are drawn to aethetically, and one of those things for me is the sun. I thought it was beautiful the way it made this ordinary sidewalk light up. Even though I am more than ready for the cold and rain, and for burrowing in scarves and afghans, it is hard to be mad at the sun when it does things like this.

Yesterday I was able to FINALLY clean and organize our house, and it is starting to feel more like home, and less like a place where all of our stuff just ended up. Having a clean house helps to feel like my mind is a little less cluttered, too. I've had all sorts of ideas and half ideas for posts I'd like to write, but right now everything is all rattled up together in my brain. Hopefully now I can start to sort through some of the mind clutter, as well.

G'night, m'dears.

shanti >> sondra


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