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It's been a whole month since my last outfit post! Whew. Way back when, I originally thought that I would start a style blog, as I've been reading style blogs for the last 3 or 4 years and I LOVE clothes and dressing creatively. But man, am I glad I didn't go down that road! Taking and editing pictures is so much harder for these than other posts. I think that's because 1) you have to recruit another person to take your photos (well, you don't have to but it makes it a whole lot easier) and, 2) you're so much harder on pictures of yourself than of...well, not of yourself. Also, as much as I love clothes and all, I wouldn't exactly call it something I'm passionate about, like I am about yoga and living my best life. It's a lot easier to write about things you're really excited about. So there's that, too. It IS fun to do these outfit posts, because like I said, I am a lover of clothing myself; I'm just glad they don't happen more often!

Anyway. I digress(ed). Here is my offering for this week's prompt, what to wear to ride your bike. When I lived in Minneapolis, I rode my bike to work every day when it was warm enough, and I can tell you first hand that you can ride your bike in ANYTHING. It might not be elegant, but you can do it. So don't let that stop you from riding. I rarely wear pants (although I think every one of my outfit posts for this series I have worn pants...hmmm, weird), and have ridden in everything from a mini to a maxi skirt and everything in between. I will say that pencil skirts are a little tough, and if you go the mini route, throw on a pair of shorts unless you like getting cat-called. (Excuse me for another aside. WTF is with getting cat called in this day and age? I cannot believe that women are still treated like walking breasts and legs by strange men on the street. Does this happen where you live? It didn'happen too often in Minnesota, but I found that it was SUPER common in California...disgusting.) I went the pants-route here mostly because it was cool out, and I was so excited to finally put on a sweater and scarf. However, by the time I finished taking these pics, the sun had come out and I was too hot.
The other tip I would give would be to make sure there is a little tread on your shoes. It doesn't have to be much, but if they are completely smooth on the bottom your heels have a tendency to slide off and your pedal will hit your heel. Ouch. These moccasins are perfect, because they have rubber soles and are super comfy (oh, and the grass was wet, thus the dark toes). Now, clearly I am not a serious rider of bikes. I ride mostly to get from point A to point B, and so most of my riding experience involves me doing that and looking halfway decent when I arrive. If I were actually into riding, some wool base layers would be great for keeping you warm/cool and dry (think Icebreaker or Smartwool).

Re: the bike. She just got a new brake job, and she's riding like a dream. I LOVE the milk crate on the back of my bike; so handy for hauling groceries or my purse. I also have bike lights for night riding. What I do not have and I need, is a bike helmet. Not only is it just a smart idea, but it's the law here in Washington. I just rode around the park here for a minute, but when I get a helmet I'm excited to take my bike for a ride around the lake by my house.

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What do you like to ride in?

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  1. I have loved every one of your outfits for this series, but this one is my favourite. I love the coziness of the sweater, the pop of colour with the scarf and the moccasins. You look fantastic! Also, cat calling is the worst and it needs to come to an end.

  2. Dorien Dooms9/20/12, 8:35 AM

    You seriously dress so well! I love your sweater and scarf this time :)

  3. Treasure Tromp9/20/12, 9:26 AM

    such a cute outfit that just yells "fall is here!"

  4. aw, thanks! you are so sweet. :)

  5. Love it! Just found this thread and I have been hopping around to all the bike ride looks! I love your scarf, this looks like the perfect fall bike excursion outfit :)


  6. Katherine @ Thinkin' outloud9/20/12, 1:15 PM

    LOVE the moccasins!!

  7. Salvaged Strawberry9/20/12, 1:16 PM

    That's awesome that you used to live in MPLS. :) Love this outfit!!! SO happy to have found such a great group of ladies!

  8. That sweater is so gorgeous, and I'm definitely in a similar field--almost anything is a bikeable outfit, once you get in the right rhythm! And yeah, ma'am, time to jump on the helmet train. Protect that wonderful noggin of yours. :-)

  9. kate mccurrach9/20/12, 5:37 PM

    I bought a step through ladies bike specifically so I could wear knee length skirts and dresses while riding but find that I almost always end up riding with cropped pants on instead. Alas.

    Also - No need to be your mother here - but speaking from experience - you need to throw a helmet on! Your chain could break and it would be much easier to replace a helmet than your head.

    On a perkier note - I also really wanted to do more outfit posts but my lack of natural lighting in my house plus no camera happy helpers makes it extra hard! Good on you!

  10. You are looking super fine today, my friend. That sweater is calling my name...and also reminding me of one I used to own. I need more comfy sweaters in my life!

    While it's not the law here (for adults at any rate), I do always wear my helmet when out riding. I read an article once about some studies showing that the prevention of accidents & head injuries is not statistically significant for adults wearing a helmet while biking, as it is for kids. And I told my husband this, and he said something to the fact that it is when you are the person who got into the accident. Point taken dear...

    Yeah...boo-urns on the cat-calling.

  11. I LOVE this look! It's looks so comfy but stylish and reminds my of my days living in the northwest (I lived in Oregon until I was 23). I'm so jealous of your cooler temps- I can't wait for fall clothes! So happy to have found your blog through this series, yay :)