Forgive Us >> For Forgetting

Wow, guys. Today was a real fail-whale of a day for me. It started with not getting out of bed by 9 and getting a jump on the day (yes, that's a "jump on the day" for me...I have a real morning problem, as in, I could sleep until 11 every day if allowed), continued on to missing yoga, wrongly thinking I was supposed to be to work at 2 instead of noon like I was supposed to, not eating anything all day, taking a wrong turn on the drive in and getting lost, and then being insanely busy when I did manage to get myself in to work. Not my best effort. I took it all pretty in stride though, as best as I could at least, and tried not to fight it. Sometimes, whatreyagonna do. Everyday can't be your day, right? One of my favorite yoga/meditation lessons is that you can always take a breath, and begin again.

Tomorrow, I will begin again.

Until then, here are my favorite daily photos from the last four days.

Top to bottom, left to right>> Pretty mushroom while out on a walk by my house. Doesn't it look straight out of a Nintendo game? Totally a 1up. | Spiderweb by the lake. | My current view. The face on that mug sums up pretty much how I feel at the end of today. | A construction site in my neighborhood. Building things seems like the most complicated thing in the world. Blows my mind.

Here's to hoping that tomorrow gets off to a better start. How do you cope when you have a day where everything falls apart? Any tricks?

shanti >> sondra



  1. eh, sorry 'bout you day. hope today's better!

  2. Treasure Tromp9/27/12, 11:49 AM

    what a pretty mushroom!