I Saw A >> Rainbow Today

Shut your eyes. Think about something that's bothering you, something that's been stressing you out. If this thing/person/situation were a color, what would it be?

Now. Imagine something that makes you happy. Something that makes you feel calm, centered, balanced, whole. What color pops into your mind?

Keeping your eyes closed, take a deep breath down into your belly, imagining your breath as having your tranquil, happy color. As you exhale, let the breath go out with your stress color. Fill your body with the calm color, letting it radiate out into every cell of your being. Get rid of all the negative emotion on your exhales, emptying your body of that color. Keep it up for several breaths, or whenever you feel complete.


I have a scarf in my happy/calm color, and I am going to wear it today to remind myself of that place in me. Maybe you have something in your color, and could incorporate it into your day. Just a thought.

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend, lovelies.

shanti >> sondra


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  1. This is lovely thanks for sharing x