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Along with my pull between being a city mouse or a country mouse, I also feel a tug between living a life of simplicity, and one of ...amassing (for lack of a better word).

Take one look inside my home, and you'll see the amassing. Piles of quilts, stacks of books, and baskets of woolen socks. I like the clutter, it's comforting. I limit the amassing only to certain things I enjoy finding and then displaying; they tend to be of the pretty, cozy sort. I don't believe in specialty gadgets in the kitchen, I don't keep cheap paperbacks that I've already read, and I don't like gimmicky products. So I am selective in the clutter (usually), but the fact remains that there is Too Much Stuff to fit into my tiny dream cabin.

When I let my mind wander, it invariably ends up resting in a place that likes a lot like these pictures here. Lots of wood, a fire in the stove, and trees all around. A dog running in and out of the house, and days filled with quiet tasks and trips into town. Walks in the woods, and snow falling outside of the windows.

Le sigh.

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  1. seacreaturess.blogspot.com10/19/12, 12:53 PM

    fairy tale life! its what i want too! to raise babies someday (not soon) in a cabin in the woods. *sigh*

  2. i had seen that first picture earlier on blood and champagne and was so in love with it. its the same life i want.. a small cabin in the woods.. living off the land and only making enough money to get by for the essentials.. just a peaceful and simple life..