I'd Be A >> Heavenly Person Today

You have all been so kind in not calling me out on my lack of photo of the day posts. But I am here to call myself out today. I have taken pictures most days, but I admit, I did forget a few days. But, no bother, that does not mean that I failed.

With each new breath, I begin again.

So, here are pics from most of the last many days. Here is what my October has looked like >>

view of my lampshade as I fall asleep > shadows on my yoga mat > reading in the sun > opening night at the theater, getting ready to par-tay
fancy cocktails downtown > yoga in the sun > ack, fall is so pretty! > the gang gets some lovin' on
I love the 60s cool of the Pacific Science Center building > dahlias from Pike Place market > first real Seattle rain > aspen at the lake while out for a chilly walk
a helper to clean the closet > out for a walk in my slippers > motivational garbage can > a real hippie lunch break
those guys again > driving into a DOUBLE RAINBOW > feeling autumnal > the view from our walk on a sunshiny day

If you scrolled all the way through, then thank you for making it this far. I will for-certainly-most-definitely-probably-maybe be better about my pics going forward. Inhale...exhaaaaale.

shanti >> sondra


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