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It's happened. I'm up to a four cups of tea a day minimum, I've been wearing scarves non-stop, and yes, I have baked with gourds. It seems like it changed from Fall-ish to F.A.L.L. almost overnight. Ahhhh, I love it when that happens. This is my first real Autumn since leaving Minnesota almost three years ago. Forgive me while I revel in it.

The change of the seasons is in my bones, in my cells, in the fibers of my being. I can't begin to describe how distressing it was to not be in tune with Nature's rhythms the last few years. While I was sloooowly adjusting to the beat of a new drum in California, I think it would have taken several more years to un-do the previous 25 years that my bio-clock was already synced to.

And now, some gratuitous photos of baked pumpkin goods.
This is a Pumpkin Pear Bread from this month's issue of Vegetarian Times. I loved the concept of the big chunks of pear in the bread, but I won't make this one again; I just wasn't a fan of the bread parts of this one. I think just adding pear to your favorite pumpkin bread would be delicious though.
These muffins, however, were quite good. Any muffin with a crumbly topping is a winner. I used raisins in them as the recipe called for, but dried cranberries would be super good, as well as maybe some chopped walnuts or shredded carrot.
Ahhhhh, isn't Yogi Tea the best?! Nothing like a little tea bag wisdom. Have you been cooking with gourds lately? Let me know if you have any killer recipes!

Embracing the season over here...
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  1. these photos are so amazingly cozy and fall like! they make me want to curl up with a good book in a comfy spot for a while. I love that feeling of fall within, i'm discovering lately that fall is a great time for new things. i don't know what i'd do without leaves and cool fall weather!