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Can I be real guys? I don't do laundry that often. There are a two reasons for this. The biggest reason is that I have an obscene amount of clothes. If I waited until I was down to the nitty gritties clothes-wise, I would probably do laundry like, twice a year. True story.

The second reason I don't do laundry that often is that I only wash things when they are actually dirty. It must be stinky, spilled on, sweated in, or otherwise soiled to be washed (with the exception of underthings. Duh.). Judge me if you will. I do not wash things like jeans and sweaters every time that I wear them. So between having a lot of clothes and not washing things every time I wear them, what dictates when I do laundry is when I run out of good underwear. And I am a lady of good repute, so I will not be showing you a photo of me in my laundry day underwear.

Instead, I thought I'd show what I've been wearing around the house lately. If I am at home, chances are good that you will find me in some version of this outfit. It is warm, comfortable, and decent looking enough to run up to the cafe for a chai, as I did this morning.

There's nothing too special here, but I'd like to point out a couple of things that take this outfit to the next level for me. The first are these leggings. They are American Apparel's winter leggings, and they are magnificent. I have three pairs of these and have been wearing them for 4 years now, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. They are the thickest, warmest, stretchiest, bestest things in the winter. They saw me through many below zero (Fahrenheit!) days in Minnesota, and have kept me warm on many cold nights camping. They are a little expensive as far as leggings go, but trust me, SO WORTH IT.

The other thing of note here, is this little grey skirt. I recently realized that this cheap cotton tube skirt is the perfect thing to pull over leggings when out running errands, or coming and going from yoga class. It provides just the right amount of modesty, and makes it look like you are actually dressed and not out in your jammies.

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  1. I adore that last photo and I am also the queen of chai. I absolutely live for it. So much so that my chapstick is chai spice. I find that helps me cut down on the number of lattes I drink in a week.

    On to your outfit, I have been eyeing those warm winter tights for awhile now, as I always live in place that get down to well below -25 C. Now I might just have to get a pair for myself.

    And, as far as not doing laundry often goes, I used to be that girl. I had a walk in closet bulging with clothes, but once I started moving around a bunch I had to limit myself to a smaller wardrobe. It's tough sometimes, but it's worth the mobility.

    Oh! And who washes jeans after just one wear?! I hope no one.

  2. Oh yes I am so that girl who never washes clothes unless they are actually dirty. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who had to admit to owning an obscene amount of clothing. Your outfit looks so comfy I want to join you with my own cup of chai. In a non-creeper way.

  3. I always love your outfits. Your color schemes are beautiful. I will have to check out those leggings, thanks for sharing!

  4. Dorien Dooms10/18/12, 9:36 AM

    Those leggings look so comfy and warm, I wish I was wearing those. And I think your outfit is still pretty awesome :) xo

  5. I'm TOTALLY with you on the laundry thing; if it passes the smell test it goes back in the drawer. Why waste the water or wreck it by washing it again!! :) And, um, speaking of that hella cute skirt... where'd ya get that?? :) I am in love with those leggings, and am super stoked to know where to get a good pair (thank you!) and I def. think the combo is adorable. :)

  6. Salvaed Strawberry10/18/12, 10:30 AM

    Why is your laundry day outfit so cute? I literally wear sweatpants with cupcakes on them, that are much too short bc they are my gf's and she's short, and a ratty t-shirt. :) I also don't do laundry as often as I should, but have been digging my new homemade laundry soap, so doing it MORE. :) Love that scarf! xoxo

  7. Treasure Tromp10/18/12, 7:35 PM

    what a lovely laundry day outfit!

  8. abhaya_sondra10/19/12, 10:02 AM

    a fellow chai connoisseur! I am sipping on one now. :) I'm gonna need to find that chapstick you have!

  9. abhaya_sondra10/19/12, 10:13 AM

    the skirt is from Forever 21, I got it on sale and I think it was like, $1.99! Best two dollars spent, ever. :)

  10. I always found it weird when people washed their sweaters or jeans after only wearing them for like, one day. I can wear a pair of jeans for a whole week before I want to wash them. Especially in the winter time.

  11. Looks very cozy! Perfect for lounging, doing some laundry and sipping some chai.

    I go weeks without washing my jeans & sweaters...always have. Saves me time, energy, soap and sanity, to be completely honest. I do enough laundry as it is - hello 7-year-old boy! - I don't need to be adding jeans to the mix everyday!

  12. I LOVE this look! You look so comfy and cozy but super stylish! I can't wait to wear some chilly weather layers. And you described my laundry situation TO THE T! I have way to many clothes and I re-wear them until they are noticeably dirty s o yeah, I only do laundry when the need for more underwear arises :) I also must confess that I don't sort... I'm a one-load woman... I want those leggings!

  13. http://www.hurrawbalm.com/hurraw/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=29818

  14. OOhh, good to know... I love a good deal! :)