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This was the MOST fun post to put together! It gave us an excuse to head out of town for a brief adventure, plus the patch we ended up at was run by the nicest guy. It was just his little hobby farm, and he does the whole thing for fun. We were the only people there on a Tuesday morning (go figure), and he took us on a tractor ride and let us play with his dogs. Win. Anyway, here's what I wore for the affair.

It was chilly when we left the house, but after tromping around a bit, I warmed up. Thus why I am wearing a sweater in some of these pictures, and not others. I think anything comfortable is good for a trip like this, but I was mighty glad I had worn rubber boots for the fields. It's been a really dry September here, so the field was pretty dusty. The boots kept me nice and clean, and I didn't worry about the leaves and stems snagging my leggings.

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  1. I adore that last photo of you! The pumpkin is almost as big as you are!! So cute.
    I'm super stoked that you also went to a pumpkin patch. I went with Lisa from notladylike last weekend and had the most heavenly time.... well, I guess you'll read all about that. :)

  2. Yay! I love your huge smile and the huge pumpkin you found! And I love your sweater with the elbow patches and we just might have the same glasses!

  3. Oh this outfit is so cute! I'm in love with the elbow pads on the sweater--did you add them yourself?

  4. abhaya_sondra10/4/12, 12:05 PM

    This cardigan came like this, but I keep thinking about DIYing a couple of other sweaters. It would be so easy to do with a bit of felt or faux leather...one of these days, maybe!

  5. abhaya_sondra10/4/12, 12:07 PM

    Ha, yeah, I didn't realize how big the pumpkin I picked was until I picked it up. It will look enormous on our tiny front step out front of our apartment! Oh, well. :)

  6. abhaya_sondra10/4/12, 12:08 PM

    Thanks, dearie! xo

  7. Dorien Dooms10/4/12, 12:37 PM

    That sounds like such a great time! Also, you look so good in this outfit. I like everything about it, most of all the leggings though :) I bought some like that this week! Oh and that last picture with the giant pumpkin is awesome haha :) xo

  8. Love the leggings! I was definitely wishing I had worn boots that day...or at least actual long pants!

    That place looks huge. Is it more popular on the weekends, cause it looks like it would be fun to traipse around in. Is it a U-Pick?

  9. oh i love your sweater! It look so comfy. and that sash around your dress is divine. :) lovin' the fall festivities!

  10. I love it- you look so cozy and super cute. I'm a sucker for elbow patches :) This place is so pretty- wish I'd made it to an actual pumpkin patch!

  11. i've never been to an authentic pumpkin patch. I would totally wear this to one.

  12. I love this outfit! it looks so cozy and so adorable! those are the best kind of outfits :)

  13. abhaya_sondra10/10/12, 6:46 PM

    It's sooo much fun to play farmer for the day. :)

  14. abhaya_sondra10/10/12, 6:46 PM

    thanks, love. <3