The Desert >> Says Nothing

Desert dreaming...sigh. I have really been craving a trip to the Southwest lately. It might be because I just finished reading Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey. A fantastic read, by the way. He writes about the landscape near Moab, Utah as if he were a man starving to death and dreaming of a cheeseburger.
So, yeah, it might be that. It might also be the fact that last year I went to Utah in October to chase petroglyphs in canyons and then went to Zion over Veteran's Day weekend. The year before that we went to the Grand Canyon over the same weekend. So maybe it's the time of year as well.
Or it might be that Southwest prints and textures are all the rage right now. And lordy knows, I have embraced it. Moccasins, burnt oranges, fringe, and geometric designs...yummy.
Or it might just be because the American desert is a magical, soulful place where you can really hear yourself think and let yourself be enveloped by the beauty. The desert says nothing and asks for nothing.
I suspect that as the damp, grey Northwest days climb in number, my desire for the solitude, the sun, the empty will intensify...

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Fourth image by me from 2010



  1. I have to admit I've never been to the desert. The closest thing would Kelowna, BC, where I lived for five years. It's in the interior of B.C. and it gets pretty hot and dry during the summer. It looks nothing like these photos, though.

    I can see why this landscape calls to you. It's gorgeous and open, two great things!

    I hope you'll find peace in these pictures. xx

  2. Amazing. :) I do love the desert and feel blessed to live near to it/ in it. But I do love the pacific nw!

  3. come visit, nicole! I'll take you!

  4. Breathtaking images...I have never been to the southwest and I want to go so badly.

  5. the only desert landscape i've ever seen was the gorge is WA. it was stunning. i've never found myself dreaming of a southwest trip, but after seeing these beautiful pictures i think i've changed my mind!

  6. abhaya_sondra10/15/12, 11:00 AM

    They are both so beautiful, in such opposite ways!

  7. abhaya_sondra10/15/12, 11:00 AM

    GO! You will not regret it. :)

  8. abhaya_sondra10/15/12, 11:01 AM

    It's such a soulful, spiritual place. I think you'd love it. :)