Near The >> Whitewashed Palings

I sort of forgot that I had a bunch of photos that I took on film and never shared here, so I thought today might be a good day to share a few of them. These were taken in June 2010, as we drove south along the Maine coast from New Brunswick. There were lupines blooming everywhere, but this field was too idyllic to not stop and take a few photos. Let's take a little break from Fall and revisit early Summer, shall we?

These first two are nearly identical, but I think it's amazing how just a small shift to the right to catch the light results in such a different effect in the photo.

These were taken with a Holga 120 and have not been edited whatsoever. I love the ease of all the digital filters and masks you can use that replicate many of these effects, but there is something so magical and unpredictable about shooting on real film. Especially when you wait two years to develop the photos! Do you ever take pictures on film anymore?

shanti >> sondra


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